"Little Eris –  South Wales’ own homegrown electro pop miracle, a sparkling glitch fairy of the urban woods"   
The Sprout,  2013

      Buzz Magazine                                                          Stroud Journal


                                                                                  South Wales Echo                                                                                  South Wales Echo 


                            “Some of the most inventive sounds come out of South Wales, Little Eris has been creating some of the best DIY underground music for many years now.                                                            Deep love, meaning and creational flow is her style”.  Cream of the Crop Fanzine 

  "Wonky, quirky, whatever. This is ace". Sound of Confusion

"You know from the moment you hear Little Eris sing‘I’ve spent so many nights thinking about you, how you dropped me from a great height,’
that isn’t going to be your average three minute pop song".   NEIL CRUD Link2Wales Single Review 14/12/2012

“Best of all is Little Eris' ‘So Many Nights’, which, with it's vocal line, offers a more direct emotional kick while still giving ample opportunity to throw some sexy shapes". Miniature Music Press

“ 'So Many Nights' is an innocent sounding electronic love song with lots of dubFX. It also has a cool looking video, filmed by Cardiff production company Bulldozer”.  Buzz Magazine

Little Eris interview December 2012 on Americymru   Americymru